Monday Sketches 2013

Last year, decided to draw and post a sketch every Monday.

The Monday sketches started because I wanted to practice figure drawing. I had earlier taken a couple life drawing classes in my spare time. They were humbling experiences. Everything I drew was a bulbous nightmare. Those sketchbooks have no shortage of unfortunate limbs.

I started going to open practice sessions throughout the city. They’re wonderful. There’s something magnetic about people who make things happen seemingly effortlessly. You know they’ve committed a part of their lives to something, and you instantly feel that concentrated shot of history. It’s not unlike a kung-fu master who lives at the top of the hill. A whole room of them.


After a while I wanted to supplement the sessions with something more routine. I decided to post a picture every Monday.

My earlier games Flotilla, Atom Zombie Smasher, and Air Forte had a fair bit of hand-drawn images, but art in my recent work mostly consisted of polygonal modeling. Getting back into drawing was daunting.

But that’s the beauty of making something a part of your routine. A routine defuses the situation. Bad picture? That’s okay, you’re gonna have another chance next week. Can’t think of anything good to draw? That’s okay, your next opportunity is coming up damn fast.

Increased frequency means less pressure for everything to be a masterpiece. I think the best things happen when things are kept loose and fun.

A total of 32 weekly sketches were made. 20 weeks disappeared into the lazy void. Here’s everything from January 2013 through December 2013, in chronological order:

anita_process hoagie_process laverne_processpingpong_processmifune_processwinston_processtvwatcherrailrider_processhuggybearhumblegroup_notextorchid_processpattismithsimulator_processjetbike_processgunarm_processbearcomicsadbatmansubrosalou3_processblanka_processniccagelightingexercise01_processdaysofbeingwildseniorcitizenbrigadeshanghai_motorbikecentralpark2nightride_hirezmanifestotuktukdoodlenightdoodle_dec30christmas2013

Additionally, I made time-lapse recordings of some of the drawing processes: click here to see the Monday sketch time-lapse videos

I still pop out sketches on Mondays. If you’d like to follow them, I post them at a few places: